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About Lewis

lewLewis Moody is a graduate from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. He is fluent in all forms of hypnotherapy including suggestion, cognitive and analytical hypnotherapy. He has had advanced training in clinical hypnotherapy as well as sophisticated regression techniques. His official titles are Certified Medical Support, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Fellow International Board of Hypnotherapy.

He has enjoyed a great deal of success with hypnotherapy. He has helped clients with problems ranging from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, weight loss, memory recovery, trauma reversal, sexual dysfunction, and pain management; just to mention a few.

Lewis began his study of the human mind in the early 80’s. He quickly became dis-illumined with western psychology. The heavy use of pharmaceuticals combined with therapy that took years to be effective led him to pursue other interests. It was not until he sold his successful PC repair business in Virginia and moved to Albuquerque New Mexico, that he took his lifelong passion of learning how the mind works to the next level by proving his effectiveness in this powerful self help system.

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